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About Us

Company Background

Spartel P/L is the Agricultural & environmental technology, engineering, and consulting company established in 1995 by Dr Harrie Hofstede, the renowned Agri- Environmental Scientist who was instrumental in developing the world class Western Australian organic waste recovery industry and has developed a range of innovative technologies during his 20 years in the industry.

The patented FABCOM® system was developed by Dr Harrie Hofstede as the product of 20 years of scientific research and development in composting and fertiliser production.

In 2006, Spartel released a product that is set to revolutionise the global organic fertiliser industry.  FABFERT®

is the organic fertiliser produced by the FABCOM® system.


FABFERT® – Organic Fertiliser for a Sustainable Planet

FABFERT® organic soil fertiliser has been produced with the needs of the home gardener in mind.  FABFert combines three important features in the one product by producing a product that has high levels of plant-friendly nutrients, low-odour and low impact on the environment, this is the fertiliser trifecta.  While there are many products that can achieve one or more of these desirable qualities, no other product has been able to combine all three into a product like FABFert. 

While many products claim to contain high levels of nutrients, these are usually unpleasant smelling products made from raw manure blends or from unsustainable petrochemical production.  Our product has high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium (N,P,K) as well as a wide range of essential trace elements and humates, humic and fulvic soil builders.

The companies with products that are low odour are chemical based or are so low in valuable nutrients that there is nothing to smell.

Because we control all stages of our production, from sourcing to bagging, we have complete control over what goes into our product.  We can proudly say that we know what goes into our bags and we can therefore provide the highest level of certainty over the quality of our product.

As FABFert has no added chemicals FABFert is safe for use in Organic Farming systems

FABFert is safe for use by the whole family, the high temperatures used in its production eliminate all commonly found pathogens and weeds.  Avoid inhaling any dust.


Competitive advantages

  •      High nitrogen levels (2-3 times competion)
  •      N_P_K = 3:1:1 ideal for plants
  •      Odourless (suitable for indoor use)
  •      Certifiable Organic fertilizer
  •      Safe to use; free of pathogens
  •      Free of weed seeds
  •      Full plants nutrient content
  •      All environmental benefits
  •      Fully sustainable product